"There are no accidents in life, only opportunities." 

- Zzak G. 


For over the last 11 years, Jodi has been a non-profit development executive, 

managing and coaching teams locally and across the Mid–Atlantic region. Jodi’s

background is quite diverse, having had the pleasure of working in both the corporate

and non-profit sectors. She won several national benchmark awards due to her ability

to exceed goals and create strategic partnerships with corporations that ranged from

small to Fortune 100 companies. 

Jodi understands the importance of providing value on an organization’s investment and ongoing strategic alignment due to her prolific career as a thriving executive and coach.  Since launching her own coaching and consulting firm, Jodi has been able to leverage her ability to partner with companies and  individuals in a unique way. Jodi advises businesses on how to strengthen the bond between their mission and their organizations culture. She believes that once a business creates the right internal environment it will lead their employees to better collaboration, generating not only superior internal, but external relationships with clients and customers. These relationships will help exceed company goals and expand on new business objectives. This ideology derives from Jodi’s message, “Connect, Collaborate, Create”.

Jodi also coaches individuals on effective time management, work/life balance, planning short and long-term goals, finding their life purpose, career coaching, all the while encouraging them throughout what is their chosen journey.      

Jodi received her Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner Certification through IPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching). Jodi contributes to Eydis Magazine,  facilitates  webinars, creates workshops and trainings, is a keynote speaker, a zumba enthusiast, an avid reader and writer, and her favorite role, the mother of two teenage daughters.

"About three years ago I was at an event where the keynote speaker was a Life Coach.  She took everyone on a journey. We were laughing, crying and we all left feeling inspired.  More importantly weeks later the messaging she shared at the event was still resonating with those that were in attendance.  I  went home that day with my first true career AHA moment!  I had spent time excelling in my career, but there was always something missing.  I spent many years going through the motions, working the long hours, missing time with family and never feeling truly fulfilled even in the good work I knew I was doing. However, AHA moment or not I couldn't figure out how I was going to go back to school, work and handle my family, so it went on the back burner.  Fast forward 2.5 years later. My Dad got sick suddenly.  He was my mentor and my life coach. I promised him that I would put myself on the path I knew I was supposed to be on.  Two months to the day he passed I started my journey along the path that was custom made by me. My Dad was an aspiring singer and songwriter.  He worked for years as a manufacturers representative in NYC.  He never got to leave his day job and live his dream.  He regretted that.  I promised him and myself that I wouldn't live that way, so I share this with you as its never too late, your never too old and you don't have to wait until a tragedy happens to go after what you know in your heart you want." - Jodi H. Grinwald