Jodi Grinwald asks you to fill-in-the blank on how you are going to move forward and embark upon the journey of reaching your full potential.

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today is the day 

​November 5, 2015 

Five Minute Bark Podcast

​January 14, 2016

Five minute Bark is a daily podcast dedicated to self help and personal growth. 

eydis media magazine

June 2016 

Jodi explains the history behind "What Color is Your Sky" starting on page 64 of the June issue.

July 2016

Jodi writes about the power of knowledge and the importance of asking questions. Read "Just Ask"  starting on page 32 of the July issue.

let's just talk with kathryn raaker

​February & March 2016

Jodi talks about connecting, collaborating and creating. 

Taped my first Let's Just Talk radio show and it is streaming on iHeart Radio. I am on at the 25 minute mark.

NJ Bia

July 2017 

Jodi spoke at a New Jersey Business & Industry Association event about Energy Leadership.