We are all moving so fast in our daily lives and going in so many different directions that we sometimes  become numb to all the beauty that surrounds us. 

As the weather may control what we wear or what we may decide to do in any given day, our thoughts control our reality.  Those thoughts are what I call our internal sky.  

Whether you bring your umbrella or not, the sky is what you make of it, just like your thoughts are what bring about your emotions.  You have no control over the external sky, but you do have control over the internal one.  Enjoy them both because they are beautiful and uniquely seen by your eyes.  

No matter where you are located, who you are with or what you are thinking, you can  look up and realize that you are part of a much larger picture.  

Throughout the day others across the world are looking up at the sky for inspiration, answers, or just to see its beauty.  The sky is one of the few things that we all share, even though it may be doing  something different where you are located.  To bring us all together as well as share in your unique sky I have come up with the hashtag #whatcolorisyourskytoday.   


"You are the sky, everything else is just the weather."

- Pema Chodron

behind #whatcolorisyourskytoday

By posting  pictures of skies from all over the world we can share in the beauty that each of us is surrounded by, as well as a little unique piece of ourselves. 

Please submit pictures of your sky with  your first name and the initial of your last name, along with the location of where the picture was taken to Jodi@todayisthedayliveit.com and we will post them above.  Also, post your photos on the Today is the Day Coaching Facebook Page, using the hashtag, #whatcolorisyourskytoday. It’s a way for all of us to connect.

May the sun always shine brightly in your sky!